How to Watch Free and Unreleased Films in the ‘Scream’ and ‘Scared’ Categories

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The word “scream” comes from the Greek word for “frightened” or “devastated” and was first used in movies in the 1970s.

It was popularized in movies by the late 1980s, when horror film director Paul Thomas Anderson created his seminal The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

By the early 2000s, “scare” had become a common term for movies that contained intense violence.

While it’s not the most common word to describe a movie, it’s still used often.

The word is sometimes associated with scary violence, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Scary is not the same as scary movie, and when used in a context of a horror movie, scare can refer to the entire film.

Scaring movies are often categorized by a number of factors, including the plot, characters, and genre of the movie.

However, when it comes to a movie that you might want to watch with your friends, scaring is an important word.

The “scary” word is also used in the context of other kinds of movies, including scary literature, scary films, and scary music.

Scare in literature and movies The word scare is often used in literature to refer to a character’s reaction to something they see or hear, and that can also be interpreted as “scared.”

But, it also means to “shock,” to cause a feeling of terror.

That’s why, in movies, scare is used as a word of extreme terror or dread.

Scared movies are usually about the supernatural or the supernatural creatures.

That includes monsters, ghosts, demons, vampires, and other supernatural beings.

In literature, scare refers to a specific person or situation.

It also can be used to describe events or events that happen to the main character, such as an audience member who’s scared or a person being terrified by something.

The same is true of movies.

Scars are typically associated with a particular person, a situation, or an event, but there are exceptions to that rule.

Scares in movies are about the physical and psychological effects of a scary situation.

They’re usually portrayed in a way that portrays the fear as real.

In books and horror stories, a lot of scary scenes and situations have been used to teach children to be scared, or as an alternative to “normal” activities.

Scaries in movies tend to be more extreme, often involving violence, gore, and gore-like effects.

Scariest movies are the ones that make you feel the most terrified and/or feel like you’re about to die.

That means scary movies that depict real events can be the scariest, because that’s what audiences usually associate with them.

Scam movies Scam films are movies that use a trick or trickery to make you think that they’re about something dangerous or illegal.

In a scam, it usually involves stealing something, making something seem bad, or using someone else’s identity to scam someone out of money.

Scammers usually have a reason for wanting to make a scam.

In most cases, it involves making you believe that you’re being robbed.

Scams can also involve deception, such the actor claiming to be a person of interest, a friend of a friend, a person who is just looking for money, or a stranger who’s trying to get away with something.

Scandals in movies Scandals are movies where a plot is put in place to make the audience think that something bad is going to happen.

Scandalous movies often involve violence or horror, but it can also include sex or gore.

Scatological movies are movies in which a character uses a weapon, such a knife, gun, or other weapon, to hurt someone.

Scratches are movies or shows that are filmed or staged that use violence, sexual content, or extreme closeups of a character.

Scratch movies are more realistic than scatological.

Scrutinizing movies Scratching is when a person uses a visual trick or technique to make someone feel uncomfortable.

Sculptural films are the most famous examples of these movies.

Some of the most popular Scratchers in the world include Meryl Streep in her breakout role as the titular character in The Godfather, and Bill Murray in his role as Bill the Butcher.

Scrubbing is a film in which someone creates a feeling that someone is being manipulated, and the audience then becomes suspicious of that person’s actions.

Scum movies Scum is a word that refers to someone who does bad things, and is often considered a derogatory term for people who commit crimes.

Scumbags Scumbag movies are films in which criminals commit crimes, and usually have the aim of making the audience believe that they are doing something bad.

Scuba divers Scuba diving has become popular in recent years because of its use in the field of environmental research.

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How to play the ‘Sex’ game for a lifetime

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A new video game for adults is now available for a limited time.

The “Sex” game will be available in two flavors: one for men and one for women.

In the game, players take on the roles of a couple who are in love.

You must pick up a woman to fulfill your love’s request.

You can only use a female partner’s body during the game.

The woman will then turn into a male version of herself, and players will need to help her fulfill her wishes.

The game, called “The Sex,” has been developed by the U.S. based developer, Cloud Imperium Games.

It has been rated T by the Entertainment Software Association (ESAA), and it was released on May 10.

The video game, which is also available for iOS and Android devices, features more than 200 different characters from the Disney animated movie “Beauty and the Beast.”

The game’s first trailer, released on Wednesday, features a woman wearing a tutu and a dress, who explains the game’s premise.

In addition to the game featuring “The Love,” Cloud Imperium also announced the creation of a sequel, “The Game,” which will be released on October 6.

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When Will The Legion Movie Die?

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New Movie: The Legion of Doom is officially in theaters!

The movie has a cast including James McAvoy as the titular evil wizard, the legendary actor Tom Hiddleston as the evil warrior and Ben Affleck as the title character.

The movie is set in the 1970s, which means there are no big-budget movies from the genre in the next couple of years.

This movie has been set up as a one-time project for a film festival.

The story follows an army of heroes and villains who must fight to keep the world safe from a war that could destroy the planet.

The Legion of Power is a brand new film, not from the movie franchise.

The film is not set to hit theaters until 2021.

It is set to be a one shot, which is not something that has been done before.

It also does not appear that the Legion of the Damned will appear in the film, as it is unclear what will happen with the character.

However, the movie is expected to have some crossover with the TV series.

The film is a standalone film with the same cast as the first Legion movie, which debuted in March 2021.

The movie will be set in 2020 in a world where humans are gone.

The Legion is on the hunt for the missing leader of the group.

The two-part film will be called The Legion, which will also be directed by Sam Raimi.

The new film is based on a book by Tom DeFalco called The Death of the Legion.

This book has some major spoilers.

Check out the synopsis below: The book deals with the end of the ancient order of the Daughters of the Light and its replacement by the new Daughters.

These Daughters, led by a young woman, are the Legion’s true masters.

They are the most dangerous group in existence, with the ability to turn the very air around them to ash, to absorb and control the souls of others, and to create the most potent weapons in existence.

This means that the Dukes of the world have a very long way to go before they can stop the Legion from dominating the world, and the world has to be protected.

The Daughters are also the only ones who can stop them.

This is why the book deals mainly with the Legion, but also covers the history of humanity before the DnLs arrival.

It deals with everything from how the Duchies began to become a threat, the origin of the original Legion and their current whereabouts.

It even gives a glimpse into the Dukedom’s past.

The first Legion film was not a success at the box office.

The book was a huge flop, but the movie, while not a big hit, did gross more than $40 million domestically and nearly $150 million internationally.

The plot was pretty vague.

This was in the beginning of the movie’s release in the summer of 2021, so it is likely that it was a lot of hype before the movie even opened.

The trailer was pretty boring, with some action and the main characters looking like a bunch of bored teenagers.

The biggest problem with the trailer was the fact that the film was shot on a shoestring budget.

That is the reason why I do not believe that the trailer will be used in any Legion movie.

The only reason I think that the movie will come out with the theatrical release is because there is a fan-made trailer.

The trailer was created by the fan group that is called “The Legion Project.”

This group has been working on a film about the Legion for a long time.

They released their trailer in October of 2016.

I have not seen the movie yet, but I believe that it is going to be an interesting one.

The director is Sam Ramm, a man who I have never heard of, but who I am sure is going do a good job.

There is a trailer on Youtube and it is really funny.

If you are going to watch the trailer, I suggest you watch the movie before you watch it.

The trailers have already been released, so the trailer could be used as an example to convince people that The Legion will actually be a good movie.

The official trailer for the new film.

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How to watch free movies online in 2020

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We’ll be updating this article throughout the month, but we wanted to give you a little reminder that you can watch all the free movies that are released this year in Australia, and some that are coming your way in the coming weeks.

Free movies can be streamed on most major platforms, and the best way to get a good one is to watch it on a PC, Mac, or tablet.

The free movies listed below will start to roll out to Australian cinemas on March 28, but the best place to start is by following these steps.

Step 1: Sign up to watch on a deviceStep 2: Register your movie and download the appStep 3: Start watchingStep 4: Play the movie on your phoneStep 5: Try it on your TV screenStep 6: Watch a movie on a movie app (not available in all regions)Step 7: Play a movie in the browserStep 8: Use the app to access the moviesYou can watch a movie with your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad, and watch it from a screen that has a projector or TV, like a TV on the couch.

You can also watch a free movie on the same device if you’ve got a TV.

Here’s how to watch a film on your Android device:Step 1.

Sign up for a movie accountStep 2.

Go to the Movies section of the app and sign in.

Step 3.

Click the blue “Add to Library” button.

Step 4.

Find a movie you want to watch, and choose the date and time you want it to start.

Step 5.

Click “Play Now” on the screen.

The movie will start streaming in real-time to your Android or iOS device.

If you don’t want to wait for the movie to start, you can always stop watching it later and start watching it again later.

If the movie is too short for your device, you’ll have to wait until the movie ends.

If you are looking to get your free movie anytime soon, here are a few of the most popular free movies you can see in Australia in 2019.

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Which films are in your Halloween wish list?

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When I first started my list of the best Halloween movies, I was a little nervous.

I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn, at first, think it would be something of a one-trick pony.

And then, a few weeks into the year, I found myself at the theater with my family, watching an old horror movie that was about a family of witches, and it was just one of those things.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I can’t think of any Halloween movies I’ve seen in which a single witch or witch family is depicted as a singular entity.

And that is the most wonderful thing about this list: I’m sure there are a lot of good ones out there, and they’re all really good, but it’s always fun to find the ones that are not only interesting, but also really, really good.

I know it sounds cheesy and cliché, but there’s something about seeing a family living together in harmony that really hits home for me.

Here are my top 10 favorite Halloween movies:1.

The Witch 3-D (2017)When I saw this movie, I thought, “I’m going to go for it.”

This is one of my favorite movies I have seen.

The story is about a couple of witches who are caught up in the same vortex of evil, and this becomes a major plot point of the movie.

I’m glad it was a one hour movie, because it’s a great read and the story is well told.

The witches’ journey is one that makes you question what’s real and what’s not, and that is something that resonates with me deeply.

I also like that the movie is set in a haunted house, so the witches can’t be hurt by the ghosts or the zombies, and the monsters are a little bit less scary, too.2.

The Evil Dead 2-D-DD (2018)This is a very funny and dark horror movie, with a twist at the end.

The movie begins when a man named Rick (Bradley Cooper) is trying to get his son back from the Evil Dead and a woman named Jill (Sarah Paulson) wants him to kill his son, but he’s got a heart of gold and the Evil Zombies are after him.

The man, Rick, and Jill are trying to figure out how to get the Evil God (a.k.a. the Lord of the Dead) to show up and fight the zombies for their own safety, but they need help from the daughter of the Evil Zombie (Sarah Graham), who wants to help.

The film is very funny, but the ending, which involves Rick and Jill trying to kill the Evil Lord, is very unsettling.

It leaves you wondering about how the world really works, and what really happened to them after they died.3.

Nightmare on Elm Street 2- D (1984)This was a very bad film, but this is probably my favorite Nightmare on the Elm Street film.

There are many great ideas in the film, and there’s a very interesting storyline involving the ghosts, but what really stands out about this film is the haunting music, and how it really works.

The soundtrack is an old movie called “The Scream,” and it’s the soundtrack that plays when you see a ghost.

I loved hearing this music in the movie, and now I can sing along to it whenever I want.

This movie also has a creepy ending, where the ghost has become so much a part of the film that it is no longer the person who was killed.

The haunting music helps me see what really happens, because this is a really disturbing film, with all the characters struggling to understand how this supernatural force that killed them could possibly be alive and well.4.

Halloween 4-D D (1990)This movie is actually about a witch who goes to the mall with her sister to buy Halloween candy, and she meets a witch that wants to kill her.

They are trying a different trick each time, but eventually they find a way to make it work.

The horror in this movie is pretty intense, and you can feel the tension throughout.

The witch has become a part, and her story is very complex.

It is also one of the most realistic stories I’ve ever seen, and as you can see from the movie poster, it’s pretty well researched and researched.5.

The Haunting of Hill House 2-B (1987)I like this movie because it has a lot going on.

The plot is a little strange, and a little difficult to follow, but then the ending really makes you want to follow along.

I really liked that the house in which this story takes place is haunted, and when you look at the haunted house from the perspective of the witch who has been living there for years, the atmosphere really helps you understand the horror that is going on in the house.

I like the movie because there’s some really great performances by the actresses


Marvel Movies, Upcoming Marvel Movies to Include ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

July 3, 2021 Comments Off on Marvel Movies, Upcoming Marvel Movies to Include ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ By admin

Marvel Studios is bringing new titles to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the highly anticipated Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Marvel’s first Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok.

The studio is also adding a few of its biggest movies in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, the next installment of the Marvel cinematic universe, and a few other big tentpole releases.

Marvel is also bringing back the Avengers franchise for the first time since 2010’s Avengers: Infinity War, and is giving a few heroes a bit of a boost.

The Avengers: Winter Soldier will be available as an 8-film limited series, and the Avengers: First Avenger will be released as a 3-film series.

The films will be a limited run, but not a regular run.

The Marvel Cinematics Universe, also known as the MCU, is a universe of interconnected stories, films and TV series that span the world of Marvel Comics, including a wide range of superheroes, heroes and villains.

Here’s what you need to know about these films, and more:Captain America, The Winter SpyCaptain America has a history with superheroes, which is a great way to introduce his character to audiences.

He has a long-standing friendship with Spider-Man and was a member of the team before joining the Avengers.

The Winter Guard was one of the first heroes that Cap met, as they were all members of the original Avengers.

He eventually became a member and, as he grew up, Cap would often help him in his fight against Hydra.

Captain America is also a member the Ultimates, an Avengers-style team of super heroes.

Cap has also teamed up with many of his old foes, including Black Panther and The Punisher, and has had some very strong battles against villains like Venom, Winter Soldier, Doctor Octopus, Ultron and more.

Captain America is not the only character Marvel Studios will be bringing to the MCUs in the next few years.

The studio is bringing back Black Panther, Black Widow and The Falcon to the Avengers universe, as well as bringing back Vision to the Fantastic Four.

Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics announced plans to bring The Puncher to the TV series and The Winter Solider to the comic book universe, but no specific release date has been announced.

The Avengers: Avengers AcademyThe Avengers Academy is the new Avengers Academy that will help young actors learn how to be the heroes of the MC U, with special training and mentoring sessions.

It will be the first of several new films to be released through Marvel Studios’ new movie platform, Disney XD.

The Academy will include a wide variety of Disney XD movies, including Captain America and Black Widow.

The Disney XD series will also be available for streaming on the Disney Movies Anywhere app, and will be made available to subscribers through the Disney XD app.

Captain Marvel, The Falcon, The Punchers, Vision, Vision is the third Marvel Studios character to make his debut in the MCUS, joining The Punishers, Iron Fist and Spider-man.

This new series will see a young Punisher take on the Avengers, a team of powerful super villains.

He will be joined by a slew of other Marvel heroes, including Spider-Woman, Black Panther (who will be played by Laura Vandervoort), Doctor Octavius, Rocket Racoon, the Red Skull and more, and be joined in the movie by some of the world’s most iconic villains: Thanos, The Hulk, the Black Panther & Black Widow, Winter Soliders, The Juggernaut and more!

Captain America’s father, Tony Stark, was a key player in the creation of the Avengers and the team that will come to life in Avengers: Civil Wars.

Tony was a close friend of Iron Man and the Falcon.

He also developed a love for flying with Falcon, who would later become Captain America.

Captain Marvel will be voiced by Rose Byrne, who voiced Spider-Gwen in the Marvel Animated Universe.

Captain Cap is one of a number of heroes that Marvel Studios has announced will be returning in the future, including Star-Lord (voiced by Kurt Russell), Gamora (voided by Brianna Hildebrand), Drax (voide by Rian Johnson), Rocket Raccoon (voiding by John C. Reilly) and Groot (voides by Vin Diesel).

The studio has also revealed a few more of its upcoming Marvel films, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2 and Doctor Strange, as of now.

Captain Mar-Vell, the former leader of the Resistance, will return to the comics in Captain America #35, which will hit stores next year.

Mar-val, who was one half of the resistance, has become a master tactician, strategist, and strategist.

With his allies, the resistance has been fighting a war against the Hydra Empire and Hydra agents, as part of the New Avengers Initiative. Mar V

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How to make a bee movie in the cloud

July 3, 2021 Comments Off on How to make a bee movie in the cloud By admin

The cloud is a new medium.

The internet is a big one.

Yet, as cloud technology becomes a new business model, it’s becoming a challenge for film studios and other creative types to find ways to make their movies accessible to everyone.

How do you make your cloud movie?

For many, that means embedding an embedded cloud movie script in the title of your film, or even embedding it in a subtitle.

But if you want to be on the cutting edge of cloud-based storytelling, the answer isn’t always to simply embed your own movie.

Instead, a cloud movie is more of a visual representation of the underlying technology.

In other words, if you have a script in your head, you can use a cloud to create an interactive video that takes you from your point of view, to the moment the cloud goes online.

Cloud-based technology is a platform where a variety of devices and services are connected to one another.

They communicate with one another using APIs, and can share information about how to perform a task and when to complete it.

For example, a user can watch a video that shows the movie The Imitation Game in a cloud.

The user can choose a cloud storage service like Amazon S3 or Google Drive to access the movie files, or an app like Vine to play it.

But the process is much more complex than simply embedding your own video.

The Cloud Movie script lets you create a virtual movie, and then share it with other users using APIs.

Here’s how to create a cloud-powered movie in just a few steps.

Creating a Cloud Movie With a few basic rules, you’ll be ready to create your first cloud-enabled movie.

The first step is to get a cloud account.

The cloud movie code you see on your computer’s screen is a pre-programmed code.

You can edit the code to make it your own, or you can purchase an online version of the cloud movie app.

You’ll also need an account with Netflix.

If you want your own code, you need to sign up for an account and pay a $20 yearly fee to access their service.

Next, you’re going to want to install the Cloud Movie app, which will let you upload your script into a cloud service.

There are multiple ways to download the code, so check out the links below to find out which one you prefer.

To download the CloudMovie code from the app, tap the green download button.

The screen will ask if you’re happy to accept the license agreement.

Accept it to start the download process.

This will take a few seconds, and you’ll then see the download progress.

The file you download will take up about a half-hour.

After the download is complete, tap OK to save it.

After you’ve saved the file, you should see the Cloudmovie app window appear.

This is where you’ll start to create the video.

Select the file you want, and tap the Create button.

In the screen below, you see three options.

The second one lets you set the speed and quality of the video, and the third allows you to create some background music.

Click Create.

Once the Cloud movie code is ready, you must now download and install the cloud script.

You need to be connected to the cloud, or the app will not load.

Tap the Cloud link in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

This opens the Cloud app, and shows a drop-down menu to select an app or service to download.

Tap Install.

Now you can open the Cloudscript app, or if you prefer, download and run it directly from the cloud.

To create a movie, you first need to select a movie title and movie type.

You could choose to make the movie about a specific subject, like a thriller or horror film, but if you don’t know the subject matter, or are not sure how to make your movie, the Cloud script app may be a better option.

To start the movie, select a film title and a movie type, and a box that says “Create Now” will appear in the top right corner.

Select a title and click Create Now.

In this box, you choose a title for the movie.

If it’s a title, then you need a title that matches the subject of your movie.

You also need to pick a title type, or a specific type of film.

Select Film, and click OK.

You’re done.

Now that the movie is created, you have to wait for it to be uploaded to Netflix.

The process is relatively straight-forward.

First, you’ve got to download a cloud code.

Tap that box in the middle of the box, and select the CloudScript app.

From here, you get to select which cloud service you want the movie to go to.

Tap “Cloud” to select the Netflix service, and “Vine” to choose Vine.

The movie is now ready to go.

Now, you just

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What’s in the 2020 movie release list?

July 3, 2021 Comments Off on What’s in the 2020 movie release list? By admin

Posted January 16, 2020 12:02:51A lot of movie releases are coming in 2019, and that’s a big deal.

But as with the rest of the year, there are still some films you may not have seen coming out of theaters.

And if you’re looking for an early look at some of the big releases in 2019’s year of release, here are the 10 films that have a shot at making a splash in 2019.

The new Ghostbusters trailer has been around for a while now, and the trailer has really hit a home run with fans of the popular 1980s animated film.

It has been praised for its comedic style and excellent animation, and it has earned praise from critics for its use of CG, as well as its ability to convey the tone of the movie in a way that makes it feel real.

It also made a splash when it premiered at Sundance last year.

The first trailer for The Lego Batman Movie, meanwhile, also made its debut at Sundow this year.

The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has already earned a lot of attention, and we’re seeing a lot more trailers like it this year as it comes out.

But what do you think of the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?

What are your favorite Pixar films?

Let us know in the comments below.

The upcoming Wonder Woman movie is getting a lot less hype as of late, but it’s still coming out in 2019 for a good reason.

This new trailer for the movie is just what you want in the lead-up to a big release.

The 2018 remake of The Princess Bride: The Musical is a movie that’s getting a good amount of buzz right now, with fans saying it’s the perfect opportunity to show off their love of the classic musical.

The movie’s opening trailer, which was released last year, has been hailed as a “must see” for the fans who love the movie.

And if you can’t make it to one of these, you can always catch a live stream of the new Ghostbusters movie from the Disney Parks Hollywood Studios.

The first trailer of The Lego Movie: Fallen World trailer has also been a hit with fans.

The trailer was released this year, and while it doesn’t look like much, fans are liking it.

It’s a trailer that you can see for yourself, and fans are loving it, too.

The trailers for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2 and Thor: Ragnarok have both made their debuts in 2019 at Sundoo.

And while neither trailer is particularly exciting, the two trailers are great reminders that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding as much as we might expect.

The newest trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 trailer has garnered a lot attention for the first time in 2019 as well.

The trailers have been praised by fans for their ability to capture the spirit of the original film.

And you can keep up with all the latest news and updates about movies coming out this year with the Entertainment Weekly Movie Database.


What happens when you combine Disney, Twilight and ‘Twilight’?

July 3, 2021 Comments Off on What happens when you combine Disney, Twilight and ‘Twilight’? By admin

The Disney Princesses of the ‘Twiddly Towers’ have been added to the list of movie sites on the Internet, after a new movie site was added to The Disney Channel.

The Disney Channel’s sister site, The Disney News, has been updated with the addition of Disney Princess movies to its lineup, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The news follows the addition on Tuesday of Disney Channel classics like Beauty and the Beast and Mulan.

“The Disney Princess Movies have been available on our sister site since July of this year,” a Disney Channel spokesperson told THR.

“The site is still being developed, and we will announce when the site will be up and running.”

While it’s unclear how many Disney Princess films will be available for download, Disney has already made more than 100 movies available on its sister site.

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How to get Johnny Depp to play the avengers movie in your lifetime

July 1, 2021 Comments Off on How to get Johnny Depp to play the avengers movie in your lifetime By admin

In December 2016, a video was released that showed the actor playing an unknown masked vigilante, with the words “Vengeance is mine” emblazoned on his mask.

The video, which quickly went viral, was met with strong criticism on social media.

Critics pointed out that it showed the masked vigilante in a violent and extreme way, and that it was an obvious reference to Depp’s own character in the 2013 film, the Expendables franchise.

Depp denied the connection, and said the scene was a joke and a joke meant to amuse.

But it was enough for his critics.

Now, the director is facing another backlash, this time from a former fan, who claims he is going to make Depp the first man to die in a film in the franchise’s 50-year history.

According to the Daily Beast, Depp is planning to die on May 4, 2026, in the film The Man in the High Castle, which will be released in theaters on May 3, 2021.

The film is set in an alternate universe where King Arthur has died, and he is trying to reclaim his throne.

The movie is a sequel to the 2015 film The King in Yellow, which was directed by Christopher Nolan.

Deppy said he wanted to make a film with King Arthur, which has an epic scope, “and have him die on the big screen in a spectacular way.”

Depp, however, didn’t feel that way.

He said that he had a dream that the King in the Tower would die onscreen, and when he woke up on Friday morning, he had the idea to kill him.

“It was like the dream I had when I was a little kid.

I thought, ‘I’m going to have to do it,'” he told The Daily Beast.

“So I just put on the mask and said, ‘Hey, can you do it?’

I’m wearing a mask.

And I said, I’m gonna do it.”

The Man In The High Castle stars Depp as a character named Sir William, a knight who is trying regain his throne, and a villain named Goliath.

“I love the idea of it being set in a fantasy world, and you know, when it comes to this fantasy world of the King and the Tower, I have a lot of respect for both the history and the mythology of those characters,” he said.

“The fact that I had the opportunity to do this film was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!'”

The Man and the High Tower is set to open in theaters May 3.

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